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The Institute on Community Integration ICI , University of Minnesota, has begun its 33rd year of operation with the appointment of a new director, and the award of renewed five-year funding. On July 1, Dr. Amy Hewitt became ICI's director, the fourth to hold that position since it was established in The Resources for Disasters and Disability REDDy Directory is a dynamic online disaster recovery directory addressing the resources and support needs of individuals with disabilities effected by Hurricane Harvey.

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The primary aim of the REDDy Directory is to provide case managers who often have limited knowledge of disability-related needs with up-to-date information and contact information on disability-related resources available throughout Texas. In addition, the REDDy Directory is assigned to assist long term recovery committees, disability-related organizations, disaster-related organizations, and individuals with disabilities in locating resources and services provided to Hurricane Harvey survivors.

REDDy in the beta phase is an online searchable guide of disability-related resources, services, and information designed for individuals to search by zip code, key word e. Health and Medical Services. This film calls for the phase out of the sub-minimum wages and sheltered workshops, and offers solutions for fair wages and inclusive employment. The documentary features personal stories and expert interviews with advocates that have been working to improve the employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Youth and young adults completing high school, including young people with disabilities, have many decisions to make: continuing their education, finding employment, deciding to live more independently.

The Academy is designed to build the capacity of leaders to "advance and sustain cultural and linguistic competence and respond to the growing cultural diversity among individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In the 21st century, people are embracing new ideas and new paradigms for the healthcare and disability fields. The "F-Words" have been enthusiastically embraced by families, advocates' and colleagues' around the world. In collaboration with the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, HRSA has developed a collection of resources informing hurricane response and recovery for families, organizations, and clinicians caring for children with special health care needs.

Carley works on several of the institute's transition projects, but he is also the host of the weekly video series, Chit Chat Thursday with Taylor. Twelve people attended the workshop. The Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development honored the students who completed the program with a celebration on June 15, Participants included alumni, faculty, and service providers from the DC area. Robin Adams tells of the challenges and joys of adopting a baby affected by his birth mother's opioid use. The drug test came back positive for opioids and the needle puncture sites in the young, pregnant woman's arms were infected.

At just 92 pounds, neither she nor her unborn child were benefiting from any nutritional intake. When she returned, she was prepared; she had another person's urine in her purse. But she fooled no one, and her physician offered to help her find treatment and recommended a facility where she could receive medication-assisted treatment MAT and medical care.

She denied her drug use and rejected the referral. People with disabilities hear a lot of "you can't eat this" or "you can't eat that" from health care professionals, but do not receive much nutrition education other than that. We also taught some basic cooking skills that most people do not know and demonstrated how it can be cheaper to eat at home instead of fast food. The peer-to-peer teaching was important because everyone was more than willing to listen. These are university-based programs for students with intellectual disabilities, where part of their curriculums includes health based learning.

The Nutrition Ambassador utilized and encouraged the local university nutrition programs dietetic interns and senior undergraduate dietetic students to help teach classes. In this week's Tuesdays with Liz, Liz discusses the importance of voting for all Americans, especially people with disabilities. Nutrition education for people with disabilities is lacking, especially among Spanish-speaking families. The opportunity we had with Nutrition is for Everyone to specifically impact the Spanish-speaking families was unique and we were able to make a positive impact in a short amount of time.

We immediately gained the trust of the community because we are Spanish-speaking and also have children with disabilities. We also made connections with health clinics within the community and so we taught classes in locations they were already familiar with. Furthermore, plasticity is triggered at fault endings where rupture is not stopping smoothly. Map view of the accumulated plastic strain see eq.

The inset shows a cross-section at a fault branching point marked by the black line in the main figure. In the following, we discuss differences of the elastic and plasticity scenario in terms of rupture cascading, slip rates and slip distribution. Rupture propagation in terms of slip rate across the full fault system is illustrated in Fig. The purely elastic scenario left and the scenario with plastic material response right differ in rupture transfer location and mechanisms dynamic triggering versus branching and location, marked by red rectangles.

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In both simulations, rupture at the Homestead Valley fault HVF is triggered dynamically by waves emitted by the failure of the preceding fault segment. However, fault zone plasticity affects not only the timing of rupture transfer, but also its location: In the purely elastic model, we observe rupture transferring from the JVF to HVF after 6. In the simulation with plasticity, this rupture jump is delayed to 7. However, the accumulation of plastic strain in the vicinity of geometrical complexity, such as fault branching points, suppresses direct branching to CF.

EF is instead dynamically triggered when we account for off-fault plastic yielding. At the EF, slip rate is considerably reduced due to plastic yielding see Fig.

The delay of rupture arrival as well as the damping of peak slip rate in the plasticity scenario become apparent in the time-series of slip rate recorded at on-fault locations at the JVF r1 , the HVF r2 and the EF r3 in Fig. Time-series of along-strike slip rate recorded at three points of the fault system marked as r1, r2 and r3 in Fig.

Grey denotes purely elastic, orange plastic material response.

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Similar line styles correspond to equivalent on-fault location. Overall peak slip rate across the fault system for both simulations are compared in Fig. The maximum peak slip rate across the entire fault is reduced by Peak slip rate of the Landers earthquake scenarios with purely elastic top and plastic bottom material response.

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On-fault recording locations of Fig. A reduction of peak slip rate is consistent with the previous work in 2-D and 3-D e. At such locations, the change of local on-fault stresses due to the change of geometrical orientation alters rupture path and speed that triggers plasticity.

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The final slip distribution of both simulations is visualized in Fig. In both scenarios, maximum slip is occurring at the HVF, where we find 6.

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Slip across the JVF and the HVF is overall higher with plasticity, even though peak slip rates and rupture speed are reduced. Accumulated slip of the Landers earthquake scenarios with purely elastic top and plastic bottom material response. In summary, plasticity considerably affects rupture dynamics at complex fault geometries: In addition to a reduction of rupture speed and peak slip rate as observed on planar faults, rupture path, transfer mechanisms and slip distribution are altered. The effect of plasticity is highest wherever rupture is encountering geometrical fault complexity such as bending, branching or abrupt ending.

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At these locations, initial background stresses are highly altered by locally different fault orientations or rupture is stopped abruptly. These findings compare well to simulations accounting for smaller scale fault roughness e. Most crucially, we find that the location and timing of rupture transfers may be distinctively affected in large-scale segmented fault systems. This study describes implementation, verification and application of a widely used proxy for plastic material deformation around rupturing faults for a high-order ADER-DG method.

Here, we only update the stress state in a separate plasticity corrector step succeeding the elastic algorithm.

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Within this approach, however, the material constitutive behaviour encapsulated by the elastic wave equation remains unchanged. Therefore, no direct effect of the damaged material response on seismic wave propagation can be modelled. These studies report additional effects, such as slip rate oscillations and as a consequence an increase of near-fault high-frequency radiation.

However, continuum damage rheologies are currently restricted to 2-D due to numerical challenges in solving the additional nonlinear equations. Future work could compare the effects of damage rheology versus plastic yielding, focusing on dynamic triggering and branching in complex fault systems. Such studies could shed light on how rupture transfer may interact with the reduced wave velocities in off-fault damage zones.

The latter approach additionally constrains a minimum required resolution on the fault for accurately resolving source dynamics. However, in setups with heterogeneous on- and off-fault stresses, initial conditions depend on the underlying discretization. We expect similar effects for other numerical methods in setups with heterogeneous initial conditions. A suitable reference solution is commonly computed at a high mesh resolution and a high polynomial degree of basis functions, if applicable.

However, if the reference solution still changes with further h and p refinement, the reported RMS errors may considerably underestimate the true error with respect to a solution with stable on-fault dynamics.