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On Solid Air , as with the one that preceded it, Bless the Weather , Martyn collaborated with jazz bassist Danny Thompson , with whom he proceeded to have a musical partnership which continued until his death. He developed a new, slurred vocal style, the timbre of which resembled a tenor saxophone. Following the commercial success of Solid Air , Martyn quickly recorded and released the experimental Inside Out , an album with emphasis placed on feel and improvisation rather than song structure.

In , he followed this with Sunday's Child , a more song-based collection "My Baby Girl", "Spencer the Rover", with several references to his young family. Martin subsequently described this period as 'very happy'. In September he released a live album, Live at Leeds — Martyn had been unable to convince Island to release the record, and resorted to selling individually signed copies by mail from home. In a 2CD Deluxe version of Live at Leeds was released, and it was discovered that not all of the songs on the original album were from the Leeds concert.

After releasing Live at Leeds , Martyn took a sabbatical, including a visit to Jamaica , spending time with famous reggae producer Lee "Scratch" Perry. Small Hours was recorded outside; the microphones picked up ambient sounds, such as geese from a nearby lake. Martyn's marriage broke down at the end of the s and "John hit the self destruct button" although other biographers, including The Times obituary writer, attribute the break-up of his marriage to his already being addicted to drink and drugs.

Released in October , the album had been held up for a year by Chris Blackwell.

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He was a close friend of John and Beverley, and found the album too openly disturbing to release. Only after intense and sustained pressure from Martyn did Blackwell agree to release the album. Commenting on that period, Martyn said, "I was in a dreadful emotional state over that record. I was hardly in control of my own actions.

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The reason they finally released it was because I freaked: Please get it out! I don't give a damn about how sad it makes you feel—it's what I'm about: the direct communication of emotion. Grace and Danger was very cathartic, and it really hurt.

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In the late s Martyn cited Grace and Danger as his favourite album, and said that it was "probably the most specific piece of autobiography I've written. Some people keep diaries, I make records. Phil Collins played drums and sang backing vocals on Grace and Danger and subsequently played drums on and produced Martyn's next album, Glorious Fool , in However, when Joe heard John and Beverley jam and sing together, Joe instantly thought that as a duo they should try their luck out.

In the summer of , John and her would wed. Joe Boyd pitched to them the idea of staying in the US, near their home in Woodstock and record their first album together. Stormbringer , presents some kind of newlywed spirit.

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What it shows is the influence of Americana and their neighbors Dylan and the Band , some of like Levon Helm from the Band who play on the opening track, married with their English folk background. This first release showed promise but a lot of figuring it outness.

John sounded alright affecting an Americana guitar influence and Beverley singing it, but they shown best when they dipped into an English sound. It was more of those types of tunes that Joe wanted their direction to take in their next release. When they left the States, and went to live back in London they experienced a brief time of idyllic couplehood.

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One in particular, Nick Drake, took to being a dear, albeit very shy and quiet, friend of theirs. John in particular felt very brotherly with him, Beverley would let him babysit and serve him tea nevermind that Nick would take his tea and stare at the sea for hours. Feeding off the confident sound of Beverley, John treats you to the new sound he was exploring. This is the sound that John would chase down, through all its wild and beautiful permutations in the future.

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