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Nice example for a collector or player. It was produced by Judges Guild and features a 64 page guidebook and 24 giant 15mm scale plans ready to jump your characters into the far-flung future! Discover the secret fortress! See if your character can survive Trial By Fire! Includes histories tables, inhabitants, plus much more.

This one is original It nas NOT been drawn on! Demons of Dundurn EX. Benefits charity. Brothers Grim.

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We carry a diverse line of out of print gaming products. New Runequest Monsters by Greg Stafford. The Cult of Magma by Rudy Kraft. Contains a short history of Judges Guild, 6 page wilderness encounters system and a list of all products published by Judges' Guild to that date. Tegel Village and the grounds surrounding the manor.

Original map from This map is in worn condition with wear that includes stains see pictures. This excellent system used percentile rolls for all skills, combat, spell success, etc. The book includes nine pages of tables on the generation of various heraldry and coats of arms. Modron 2nd Printing VG. Each map details the village of Modron on one side and an underwater adventure scenario on the other. Port o' call: Tarlkin's Landing by Dave Sering. Judges Guild The Astrogators Chartbook. Campaign in the future with detailed Characters and building plans. The first book in the "Portals series".

Unless otherwise noted in the description they are free of writing highlighting or major stains or rips Etc. Pet free smoke-free. I verified against other listings to make sure it was complete. Condition is Used. No writing noted. City-State of the World Emperor. Guidebook Color Cover 80 Pages. Guidebook: City 80 Pages. You'll get what is pictured, City map wasn't scanned as it's folded the printed side in.

Large page book provides a set of comprehensive mapping symbols that can be used to mark all features and encounters. Ideal for various "out-of-dungeon" activities by parties of adventurers, the villages are mapped on numbered hex grids in light gray so that Judges may easily make additions and changes. Of course the condition of all the books vary.


I have tried to take a lot of detailed pictures to show the exact items up for sale and the description below. Many of these books are hard to find. This will be a wonderful addition to your collection. Don't Miss Out Colored pencils and felt-tipped pens work beautifully on this surface and will not soak through. Results Pagination - Page 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Every show is different, every room a new challenge. Please bring quest items for us to use in the show, the weirder the better. Fancy your chances? Email newtreguard gmail.

We all have that cousin Witness Will Blok, Jimmy Graham and Louis Dawson-Jones portray a variety of your distant relatives probably in this funny, silly, third generation once-removed sketch comedy show! Alumni of Bristol Revunions. Likes: comic books, 80s horror and second edition Dungeons and Dragons.

Dislikes: social media, bureaucracy and watching 'Love Island' with the sound up. All Work No Play is visibly a work in progress: it runs for just 30 minutes, is a little light on storyline, and could certainly do with tightening here and there. But it's an entertaining, diverting way to spend half an hour, and a promising Fringe debut for solo performer Alexander Grieve. Drawing on elements of clowning with a dash of physical theatre, Grieve evokes a monotonous office and a burgeoning romance — and throws in some witty meta-theatrics too.

We all have to work. If you are really lucky, you will love your job.

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Well, good for you. Who doesn't like a good old-fashioned zombie apocalypse?

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This loveable musical comedy pastiches many genres — road-trip movie, war memoir, and of course horror — and mixes in some very British riffs on regional rivalries, too. When we saw it at the Vault Festival in London, we praised the catchy, funny songs, and its pleasingly unexpected ending; the array of practical and intelligent female characters is gently subversive too. Upbeat and energetic, this is an entertaining romp to kick-start your Fringe weekend.

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As falls to a zombie apocalypse, Tom and Bunny begin their perilous journey to Yorkshire in a quest for sanctuary and a proper cup of tea. From the creators of the award-winning sell-out hit, 'Buzz: A New Musical', comes a gender-stereotype destroying, black and bloody comedy with a live folk soundtrack. Join Tom and Bunny as they discover what it is to be British in a crisis. The game show where celebrities compete to become UN Goodwill Ambassadors.

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Watch out for goblins! Leyla Josephine is hopeless. She's been staying in bed all day, refusing to watch the news, eating full Viennettas at 1pm. Watch as Leyla Josephine tries to find hope in the utterly hopeless. The show will be about his life as a wheelchair user and as an idiot who makes bad decisions in life. It will also feature a hand-picked hilarious guest comedian to make you laugh as well as carry his wheelchair upstairs.

London Road is an area rapidly regenerating after years of inner city decline. New businesses have moved in, with improvements to the Open Market and The Level, new housing at the co-op, New England and on Ditchling Road and a general feeling of urban regrowth. The physical geography, historic nature of the buildings and layout of the former farmland bubbles through into the 21st century scene.

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This tour takes in history and landscape, past industry and present day housing. Flat White Opera presents a double bill of music all about coffee. An hour of new material from a rising comedy star. Jane Bom-Bane is a well-known figure in Brighton, both for her magnificently wacky restaurant — which comes complete with mechanical tables — and her eclectic musical shows.

The tale unfolds over a meal included in the ticket price and, if it's like last time, waiters and waitresses will dip in and out of character to entertain you with a song.

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