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Douglah Designs For a refreshing bathroom, Quiet Moments is a great paint color choice. It's soft and elegant and looks wonderful with the crisp white trim paint and bathtub. Who doesn't want Quiet Moments in the bedroom? It pairs nicely with the cottage-y whites in this serene room.

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The Idea Room. The Quiet Moment walls are the perfect complement to the warm wood floors and white trim in this remodeled kitchen and eating area from The Idea Room. In this living room it takes on a more sophisticated look with the black piano and sleek furnishings. Traditional Kitchen.

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This traditional kitchen is gorgeous. I love the dark wood floors and the Moroccan looking tiles on the back-splash.

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The Quiet Moments doesn't overwhelm the room but instead makes a nice subtle backdrop for all of the other items in the space. The Quiet Moments on the ceiling is reminiscent of an old Southern farmhouse. The whole porch is just lovely! And the orange lights add just the right pop of color. Again, the Quiet Moments is a nice subtle backdrop for everything else going on in the space.

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And last but not least, here it is used inside of our home office closet that we recently transformed. The trim color is Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois. You can go here to see more of that space. So what do you think of this color? Would you use it in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, anywhere?

NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Dog Soft Chews

As with any color, always try a sample first. And never choose a color based on a photo seen on a computer.

Lighting and editing as well as screen setting in online images may make them appear different than they look in reality. You might find these books helpful in your color selection process. Thanks so much for dropping by my little space on the world wide web!

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Newer Post Older Post. Pamela July 23, at AM. Amy Ellis July 23, at PM. Sara October 20, at PM. April Starkey January 13, at AM. Grandma Nellie February 7, at PM. The damp sunlight combined with the black rock, the black water, the black clouds — black on black on black — to create a kind of monochromatic landscape softened only by burnt patches of withered fern on the surrounding hills. The sight was beautiful, in the same way that photos of the moonscape or a desert at night are beautiful; bleak, remote and melancholic.

All of a sudden, a single swan appeared out of the gloom, a blaze of white on the still black waters like the prospect of joy on a dour day and it was as though the valley had released a sigh. Such moments are rare but they tend to stay with you. Last week, the memory resurfaced — unlike the swan — for some reason, and in a fit of creativity, I drew on it to write a short but important character development scene from the third book in the Fionn mac Cumhal series. This is a rough, unedited first draft so bear with me:.

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  6. From her refuge in the ferns, Liath Luachra had been observing a fat pair of wood pigeons that were oblivious to her presence. Now, her belly growled and her fingers tightened unconsciously about the leather thong of the sling curled about her right hand. I could strike one.

    I could strike one easily at this distance.

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    She scowled and took a deep breath before turning her head. Hunger was making her careless.