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Craig offers 40 inspirational, motivational messages to help leaders lead people in ministry. I highly commend it for all ministers. Few people understand what Monday's are like for church leaders. Craig Smith, in his book "Every Monday," not only identifies the familiar Sunday to Monday rollercoaster scenario; he also offers practical helps and spiritual insights through real life stories for the "let down" from the ride.

Craig's accounts from everyday life, along with his keen insights into the Monday experience, combine to offer realistic encouragement and much needed spiritual inspiration. His forty reflections invite church leaders to a new and powerful experience Every Monday. Val Hastings, Professional Certified Coach. Help Centre.

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Depression is never the will of God. To overcome depression, there are some necessary and needed adjustments we must make. Here are 9 places to look to help you overcome discouragement and depression. Look to others who have suffered and succeeded. Depression makes us feel alone. Even in a crowd of people, we can feel as if we are somehow separate from everyone else.

This makes the misery only deeper. We need to remember that there have been others who have been through deep waters in life yet they succeeded. I have mentioned several in Scripture and in church history. One of the greatest lists of those who struggle and faced incredible odds is found in Hebrews We read of the real men and women of the Bible who learned through hardship, pain and suffering to live by faith. Our faith too must extend beyond this life to heaven. That gives true meaning to what we experience in this life. When the greatest potential for discouragement and depression came their way, they had faith in God!

When you get depressed, it is good to remember that others have been through every imaginable pain and hardship physically, mentally, and emotionally and they testify that by faith, we can make it as well. Read their stories and you will not only discover their pain and suffering, you will see that they had the same questions you ask,. John was the last apostle to die. At potentially the most discouraging moments of his life, John saw God. This is our greatest need when we are depressed. God seems to be off the radar, so distanced form us that we have no connection with Him.

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Write these statements in bold print in your Bible. When we are depressed, we need a proper look at god. Satan brings distortions and lies about God. Hebrews —3 — Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. When we go through pain and suffering we are also looking for meaning. Many people comment that if they could understand the purpose of their pain, then they could more easily handle the pain.

But that revelation of purpose rarely comes when we think we need it. Job had no idea of the Heavenly aspect to his earthly dilemma. Joseph went through decades without answers. When we experience depression we must look to Jesus! It has been said that if you tell a lie long enough, it will be believed as the truth. I think we can argue from history that this happens regularly. We are very susceptible to lies.


Sometimes because we are gullible and sometimes because we want to believe them. We need to be careful about what we listen to especially when we are discouraged. It is easy to listen to lies:. These lies and hundreds of others feed discouragement and depression. It is easier to believe lies because we have to take no steps of action.

All we have to do is live by our feelings. Feelings change constantly. Truth never changes. Even the physical causes of depression require a Biblical response. I want you to mark several key references that are the truths you need to remember to combat the lies when you are discouraged. There are times when we can only cling to God and His promises. That is a choice to live by faith and not to give in to our feelings. Mark, memorize and study these truths from Scripture. They are the truths that will set you free.

As they think back, there may be many, if not hundreds, of failures. Failed projects, rejection, abuse, misrepresentations, sin, failure as a parent, spouse or friend, school failures, failures in relationships.

The list could be endless. Why would anyone want to think about the past to overcome discouragement and depression? Though this is not my main point, I should point out to you that caution should always be exercised when we think about the past. Our mind may distort the facts. Since we can rarely remember events exactly as they were, we may exaggerate the severity of an incident or we may minimize the good that has happened.

The apostle Paul taught us that he forgot the things that were behind because his remembrance of those things would be a hindrance.

That does not mean that we never remember the past. We need to remember that the God of the past is with us today. There may be necessary, even unexplained, pain and difficulty. But, as Jeremiah remembered, so must we. The rainbow, is a great example of God giving a reminder. The grim shadow of depression creates false images and impressions. Like a restless night, we think it will never end.


We admit that there are many difficulties, heartaches, pain and struggles in our lifetime. It is easy to lose perspective when we are the ones facing difficulty. When discouraged we should look at the future:. As a Christian, we can honestly say that the future is brighter than today. I certainly cannot answer that question. We may go through depressing times that last days, months, or years. You might have chronic pain or an extended illness.

To overcome discouragement, we must realize that there is an eternity with God. There will be no more pain, suffering, disappointment, heartache, injustice, or tears. We will worship and enjoy God forever. At first glance, it would seem that there are no benefits from struggling through the realities of life that cause us discouragement and depression. Yet we find benefits listed in Scripture. Here are a few to consider:. Our difficulties in life can either bind us to the point of discouragement, depression and despair or we can see how everything that touches our lives has a divine purpose.

I am not suggesting that you go out and look for circumstances so that you can experience difficulty and discouragement.